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blind beetles
blind beetles
20 x 30 NFS

I believe many people now occupying this planet are true masters of delusion. I labored over a panel cartoon for quite a while. Then, I read this poem by Lexington poet Leah Naomi Green and the line people are like blind beetles...and ...not knowing if we are floating or falling" Well, it just sort of captured it for me. here is the entire poem.
NFS keeping this one.

by Leah N. Green

Suspecting that large bodies bend space,
they only needed

to observe starlight bent by the sun and so
waited three years for a suitable eclipse

and led an expedition
to Crimea where they were taken

by the Russian army
and the beginning of World War I.

Einstein was sitting in a chair
in the patent office where he worked

when he had the thought:
If a person falls freely, he will not feel his own weight.

Later he called this the happiest thought in his life.
Though “happiest” here

may be better translated from the German
as “most fortunate.”

When Einstein’s son Eduard
asked him why he was famous, he responded that people

are like blind beetles who walk
the curved circumference of a branch,

not knowing the branch curves. He told Eduard
he could see the curve.

They were estranged by the time Eduard was old enough to send letters.
If a person fell freely,

the observer would not be able to tell
if he were subject to the force of gravity

or acceleration. He would not know
if he were falling, or floating in space.