• large gallery show August 2022 Staunton, Virginia

    I excited to be exhibiting a solo show at a beautiful gallery, the Staunton Augusta Art Center in Staunton, VA. "Nature - Work and Play" I will have 30 -40 paintings all relating to perceptions about climate, nature, what we have, what can help and what we are losing. The show runs August 12 – September 17, 2022 Accompanying the acrylic paintings will be inspirational quotes and poems. and there will be itty bitty beaver books to boot. I will update the "friends" gallery soon.

  • the itty bitty beaver book. This is a hand made 'accordion' book. black and white shipped $16, and painted with watercolor $40.
    itty bitty beaver book
    Advice for Good Livin’
    Being a dedicated promoter of beavers and great aunt just chock full of advice, I realized beavers are perfect spokesperson for many qualities that could teach us humans to be like the beavers. That is - To make the planet a better place.
    These little books are therapy for myself, a gift to the young folks in my personal family and an appeal to the world at large.

  • Good beaver news. Another great beaver documentary was just released. "Beavers without Borders". Also nice article on the (Chesapeake) Bay Journal -October issue. thank you Tom Horton. I have just started another great read "Bringing Back the Beaver" by Derek Gow. AND in North Carolina UNC researchers receive grant to study potential benefits of beaver dams.

  • good job on this small sweet beaver pond!

    good job on this small sweet beaver pond!