• More main stream good beaver news CBS the today show.https://www.cbsnews.com/video/scientists-use-beavers-to-create-drought-and-fire-resistant-landscapes/

    and the new york times !
    and nice article on rewilding streams this month in the Bay Journal.

    and here is the letter to editor i wrote for this week (thanks for edit help Molly)
    Editor the News-Gazette September 22, 2022

    Fall is a great time of year to plant trees and shrubs and restore riparian buffers that can help protect our creeks from erosion. Even better at "terra-forming" are our very own "Natures Builders," the American Beaver. It is universally accepted that beavers shaped the land over thousands of years, and we have used that land for human purposes these last 400 years.
    Now much of our land is degraded, and now is time to start the repair. We have excellent repairmen at our doorsteps--and they even work for free. But they do need to eat. Beavers do not hibernate, so they need to cache a winter supply of woody material. Worried about beavers chewing on a special tree? Simple wire fencing placed around that tree will save it.
    The Virginia Forestry “trees for sale” has very reasonably priced trees available Oct. 1., and a simple willow branch stuck in the stream bank often grows into excellent beaver food.
    We are still on track to have the cattle out of all perennial streams statewide by July 1, 2026. There are funds available to help with fencing and getting water to the animals. We all depend on clean water, and it only makes sense for all landowners to make the land as healthy as possible. Now is the time to set up a healthy start to what could be a healthy ecosystem. We are blessed to be part of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, and a way to "save the bay" is to have beavers in the highlands. Can we accept our part?

  • the itty bitty beaver book. This is a hand made 'accordion' book. black and white shipped $16, and painted with watercolor $45.
    itty bitty beaver book
    Advice for Good Livin’
    Being a dedicated promoter of beavers and great aunt just chock full of advice, I realized beavers are perfect spokesperson for many qualities that could teach us humans to be like the beavers. That is - To make the planet a better place.
    These little books are therapy for myself, a gift to the young folks in my personal family and an appeal to the world at large.

  • Good beaver news. Another great beaver documentary was just released. "Beavers without Borders". Also nice article on the (Chesapeake) Bay Journal -October issue. thank you Tom Horton. I have just started another great read "Bringing Back the Beaver" by Derek Gow. AND in North Carolina UNC researchers receive grant to study potential benefits of beaver dams.

  • good job on this small sweet beaver pond!

    good job on this small sweet beaver pond!