• large gallery show August 2022 Staunton, Virginia

    I excited to be exhibiting a solo show at a beautiful gallery, the Staunton Augusta Art Center in Staunton, VA. "Nature - Work and Play" I will have 30 -40 paintings all relating to perceptions about climate, nature, what we have, what can help and what we are losing. The show runs August 12 – September 17, 2022 Accompanying the acrylic paintings will be inspirational quotes and poems. and there will be itty bitty beaver books to boot. I will update the "friends" gallery soon.

  • the itty bitty beaver book. This is a hand made 'accordion' book. black and white shipped $16, and painted with watercolor $40.
    itty bitty beaver book
    Advice for Good Livin’
    Being a dedicated promoter of beavers and great aunt just chock full of advice, I realized beavers are perfect spokesperson for many qualities that could teach us humans to be like the beavers. That is - To make the planet a better place.
    These little books are therapy for myself, a gift to the young folks in my personal family and an appeal to the world at large.

  • Good beaver news. Another great beaver documentary was just released. "Beavers without Borders". Also nice article on the (Chesapeake) Bay Journal -October issue. thank you Tom Horton. I have just started another great read "Bringing Back the Beaver" by Derek Gow. AND in North Carolina UNC researchers receive grant to study potential benefits of beaver dams.

  • good job on this small sweet beaver pond!

    good job on this small sweet beaver pond!
  • eco-helpers mid-valley beaverscape

    eco-helpers mid-valley beaverscape

    Several States have started paying farmers to allow beavers and are paying for it. Contact your local representative!
    “Bill Fletcher is one Rappahannock (Va) landowner who has witnessed the positive influence of beavers returning to his property over the past year. “I’ve had a number of springs come back on the farm,” says Fletcher, who had the idea of implementing a government-funded program to install Beaver Dam Analogues (BDA) in the streams of Virginia farms.”*

    Rappahanock News- May 2021

    Beavers are a way to adapt to the climate change. we need to not only mitigate but adapt, and beavers are a way to do that by holding the water in the uplands so that it releases slowly throughout the summer. beavers are underappreciated and have had a bit of bad rap in the past. They need to eat and they do eat trees. However, I think it would behoove society to gladly sacrifice a small percentage of our land, whether that be suburbia, forest or field to these little folk which will help slowly saturate the soil thereby increasing yields, and reducing runoff. I think the way to using this valuable tool is by getting people to like beavers and to appreciate beavers. They could be a problem (mostly concerning roads) on occasion , but there are ways to work with that. As any true partnership, it is a give-and-take relationship.

    20 x 40 acrylic on canvas 30% of the sale price will go to the Beaver Institute. Custody not available until Sept. 18, 2021 ($900)

  • Beaverpond Essence

    Beaverpond Essence

    An Essential View

    The essence of the way that beavers slow the water, letting it percolate into the aquifer. Five times as much water is held in the surrounding land than what shows, thus making more moisture available for crops and pasture.

    acrylic on canvas 24 x 48 "the essence of the beaver pond" 30% of the sale price will go to the Beaver Institute. Custody not available until Sept. 18, 2021 ($1400)

    my fantasy is to change the tax laws so that no tax is charged on land given to beavers including growing of food for them. of course livestock would be prohibited. And, if it is more important to let the cows in the creek, then pay the highest tax.